Saturday, January 16, 2016

3,000,000 Hits

Ok it took a long time to get the 3 million pageviews but hey I got em.
Thanks everyone!

Not sure what is going to happen to this site. I may discontinue, change direction, redesign, or migrate from blog to full site. It seems long in the tooth to me but maybe it is because I'm doing it... 
Who knows? I'll give it a think..

Here are some great performances by Mulatu Astatke.


  1. Hi Iain,
    CONGRATS on the 3Mil....

    Please do keep this as a blog.
    I personally love the format and find it easy to see whats going on in your world.
    If of course you can make some money from a website then far be it from me to suggest otherwise.


    1. Thanks.

      Don't care about making money.

  2. This is one of my favorite portals into the world of HiFi, both vintage, and otherwise. Your blogroll is one I check regularly, and you've introduced me to music I would have never heard otherwise.

    Thank You Ian.


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