Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2 Way Tractrix Horn System

I had a brilliant idea to redo the floors in the part of the house that has my system setup. That meant taking the system apart to do that. That was the hard part and took much longer than expected. I'm going to start working on veneering my Jubilee system so I will listen to this setup for a while. 
 The HF horn is a prototype designed by Paul Klipsch and Roy Delgado. This was the last HF horn PWK had a hand in designing. It is a modified tractrix horn and it requires no EQ from 600hz on up. The LF Tractrix horn was designed and built by my friend JC. They work from about 65hz to 600hz and also does not require EQ. They are loaded with two 12" drivers each. Since neither requires eq I use a custom line level crossover so there is nothing between the output transformers and drivers.
Here is a quick clip. 
Name that tune?

I got to listen to this system over the holidays as it is and the sound is really good. I was listening to some Cal Tjader and I was rather surprised at what I was hearing. This system is simple and fun.

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