Sunday, October 18, 2015

Heaven And Hell or Dali And Disney

 A very non audio post. 

Had a very short trip to Florida this weekend. Stacey had a business trip that I tagged along on. Someone had to protect her.

Visiting the Salvador Dali Museum in St.petersburg Florida. I have been a fan of surrealist since I was 12. 
I don't do selfies but when I do they are with one of the greatest works of art ever painted... IMO.
Visiting the museum was as close to a religious experience as I get. Listening to the WE16a for the first time was pretty close but this was on another level. To top off the experience there was an MC Escher exhibit with at least 100 original pieces. Just stunning.

To come down from this experience we found Maximo's seafood shack for drinks and incredible seafood.

Colossal Stone Crab!!!!!
That was heaven.

For those that know me They know I don't like crowds, resorts, chain restaurants or mass produced products. Stacey's conference is located in Disney World at Epcot. 
I have been out of my element all day. This is totally foreign and scary to me. Perhaps as scary as CES would be.

That is right about where I had a melt down. Fortunately I found a Yuengling and ran for the room. Nothing adult opens until 5pm. Help!

Interesting weekend heaven and hell with Dali and Disney.

If the format is gnarly this was posted from the blogger phone app and I'll fix it later.

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  1. I'm sorry you had to endure the time at made for a good post! I have never seen the Dali & Disney pictures. You have to admit...that's pretty cool. ��


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