Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Big Violent Femmes Post

 Violent Femmes might have been one of the first punk bands I really fell for but were they punk? Always thought they were better musically than most of the punk bands around. I have good feelings about this band. When I was about 14yo the overdeveloped beautiful 15yo girl on the bus for some strange reason picked me to hang out with and would sit next to me on the bus. If someone else tried to sit next to her she would make them move. We would listen to one headphone each from her Walkman and she would play Violent Femmes or Dead Milkmen cassettes she stole from her brother. I still remember her favorite song was Add It Up. Bus driver wasn't amused when she heard us singing it lol.. For me back then home and school life was hell so needless to say I lived for the bus rides home and back. Not sure what happened to her. Anyway I finally got to see Violent Femmes live in the late 90's and my future wife and I were at the same show together with friends. That was our first concert together. It took me many years to wear her down. LOL... The show was incredible. They are still incredible. 

Here is a big collection of Violent Femmes.

American Music

Gone Daddy Gone

Blister In The Sun

Add It Up Live

This song was released 2015
Love Love Love Love Love

A few interesting covers......

Children Of The Revolution

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 
cracks me up.....


  1. Saw them and They Might Be Giants from the 19th row when they co-headlined one of the early Pointfest concerts in St. Louis. Good times...

    1. I am incredibly jealous!

      Two of my fave bands.



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