Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Horn Roadtrip To Georgia

A couple of months ago I get this email about thinning out some speaker projects from my friend JC in Georgia. He built my Jubilee bass horn clones and SnailTrac bass horns. In the list were his Tractrix horns I've been drooling over for years. This will be the basis for my first 4 way system. He also let me take home some good sized mf tractrix horns. Sunday Stacey and I loaded up and headed for Georgia a 7 1/2 hour turn around road trip so 15 hours on the road but totally worth it.
This is becoming a familiar site as the sun comes up on the way to Memphis. I've been through Memphis more recently than I have in  years.
In Mississippi there was a cotton field right behind the gas station. Ledbelly was immediately going through my head. 
JC is removing the drivers for the trip home. This speakers are so black they are hard to take pictures of and they just soak in the light. 

 I had to totally wash out the pic just so you could see the curves of these massive horns. 70hz to 600hz. They use two  12" Eminence drivers which are about 99db each not sure what they are horn loaded. I guess I'll find out.
Light suckers!
Timothy Leary in the background thinks it is funny. Hmm I wonder what that large sheet he is printed on????? 
For a sense of scale the fc of the horns on top are 233hz. The drivers below are 12" cast frames. 
 Thanks JC for all the horns.... AGAIN... And Stacey for making the Ga trip with me in one day.


  1. Ah. These left over projects couldn't go to a better person. Joyful sound coming your way.

    The dual tractrix 12" driver bass horn was the best sounding thing I've built to date.

    Good to see both of you.


  2. If you're going to split up the Leary, save me a couple dozen hits, okay? You know I'm good for it!