Sunday, February 8, 2015

My 1st DIY SET AMP 2A3/45 Part 2

It's really alive the hum has been banished. The original Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies. I like it almost as much as Freaks. I don't know if anyone else obsesses over it like me but after he utters the iconic It's Alive a few times he follows it with "now I know what it feels like to be god".  All I'm saying is that Jeffrey, Dave, and Chris may have created a monster....

Thanks again Dave Jeffrey Chris and Joe for the help and encouragement.


  1. Looks nice, Iain. Are they James OPT's?

    1. Thank you. Yes Sir they are James OPTs which were perfect for the budget.

      Now I'm working on a monster 4 chassis amp with my friend Chris and on my own I'm working on rebuilding a Knight PP EL37 and starting on a Brook 12A clone. Should be fun...


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