Monday, February 23, 2015

Klipsch KPT-1802-HLS Horn Subwoofer

For a sense of scale here is Kevin Harmond with the Klipsch HLS. That is a good size for a horn loaded sub. It would be a blast to put all manner of larger horns on top of this perhaps a Jubilee and some tractrix horns. That would only be about 15ft high lol.
Nice of them add a cherry beauty panel.
 This guys room has to be huge.

 Top notch construction hand made in Hope, AR USA.

 "commanding 20hz bass response"
After Klipsch latest showing at CES it is clear that Klipsch pro cinema is where the true principles of PWK are being kept and built upon. The new consumer stuff just leaves me baffled.


  1. My HT system is a smaller Yamaha receiver with an older set of Klipsch ProMedia mini-satellites and a CV sub. The ProMedias put out an amazing amount and quality of sound considering their tiny size. There's still no replacement for giant boxes, but the little things can do some stuff very well.

  2. If you've read my article about speakers, you're up to speed. If you haven't (and don't know anything about speakers or subwoofers), read it here.
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