Thursday, July 31, 2014

ID These JBL Cornerhorns ?

I was emailed these pics by Johm who just purchased them and wants to know exactly what they are..

Here is the email I received..

I just bought these and have no idea what they truly are. I know of 1 other pair that surfaced on the web in 2009. There is a rumor that they were made by Bill Hartsfield as a bet between him and William Thomas of jbl. He  said he could build a speaker that uses a 8" driver that would rival the Hartsfield. Only 12 was made according to the rumor. The drivers are d216,075 and N2400. They both have JBL registry cards with consecutive serial numbers for the drivers. The inside horn path looks just like the hartsfield patent drawing. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Ok JBL experts what exactly does John have here??

Measurements are 32"h x 19" x 19"



    1. Thanks for the links Chris. This is certainly a rare find. I wonder how many others are out there. When I first saw it i thought of the Lee Catenoid speaker.


  3. Those are indeed Hartsfields, made personally by him. I got to know Hartsfield when he came back to Oxford in 1956-57 and set up a little workshop after the big JBL Hartsfield was introduced. He bet Bill Thomas he could build a smaller speaker that would rival the big one. He made 21 of them I think. My family has 4 and a friend has 2. The first two my family bought would have been the very first he sold. If you remove the lid just above the enclosure for the 8" driver there should be a serial # scratched in with a pocket knife. My friend's are #3 and #4. My two are #5 and #7. Don't think there is a #6. When he made mine one had a faulty horn enclosure and he would not sell it to me. They are incredible speakers. He was an incredible man.
    Leighton Lewis