Tuesday, February 18, 2014

European Space Agencies Killer Horns

Some people use horns for hifi others use them to drive horns to 156db to test satellites.. Well that is just crazy.... lol.... These horns can destroy average electronics of make you def in 15 seconds... Yikes.
Nitrogen infused! 



  1. I've read that NASA built a facility in Mississippi in the 60's to test the Saturn 5 main engines. They built a horn there that produced the same db level as the Saturn 5 did at takeoff. I've read this horn could produce spl levels of over 200 db. This was in the early 60's so they wanted to beat the russians. NASA thought thousands of acres of land. They didn't want anyone within miles of this place. I'm not sure if this is Stennis space center or not. NASA also has a reverberant test chamber too. I think its in Ohio.


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