Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reproduction Integrale - Horston

European version of early American cinema system? 
Does anyone have additional info on this brand? Horston?


  1. Heck of a center channel speaker...

  2. A grossly "photoshopped" photograph of a french company, HORTSON, manufacturer of movie apparatus (projectors, amplifiers and loudseakers) in the 40-80's.

    1. I searched for information on the company but can not find anything,

    2. Hi Iain.
      I'm a member of a french forum on vintage hifi, Vintage Audio Laser
      I'm an avid reader of your forum, especially on Friday's !!

      I think you'll find nothing on english-speaking forums.
      Search on french speaking Google.
      You'll find this :
      and this :
      and some photographs :

      Hortson was a french society, based in Normandy, in the suburbs of the harbour town of Cherbourg.
      In the 40-70's, Hortson was building movies equipment for cinemas, mostly for military camps.
      Then they switched to aircraft radars and military communications systems, after being bought by Thomson-CSF, a large french company.
      When Thomson-CSF became Alcatel (and now Alcatel-Lucent), the Hortson company was sold in 2002 to an unknown of company and went "in the skies" in 2008. Society was employing about 400 people in 2000.

      Sorry for my "coarse" english !

    3. Thank you so much for the additional information.

      I use chrome for foreign websites since it translates sites.. It is just finding them that is hard part.

      I'd love to see more of their larger cinema systems.


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