Sunday, October 6, 2013

George Wright Paid Us A Visit

 My friend The Tube Hoarder is now the Amp Hoarder. Fortunately for me he brought over part of  his collection of George Wright gear to the house for the weekend. 
That is a lot of Wright gear. In addition I already owned the AG Phono of George's so at least I had one piece to contribute.
 The signature series AU-1500 dual chassis preamp.
The AU-1000 Preamp was a beautifully built piece of gear.
The four monoblocks were the WPA 3.5 Monoblocks.
 The SET amps are perfect for high efficiency horns. They didn't miss a beat on my Jubilees. 
 We listened to George Wrights gear Friday night and most of Saturday going well into the evening.

Thank you Tube Hoarder and George Wright.

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