Sunday, August 11, 2013

JansZen Electrostatics

A local store has a few audio rarities in stock. These Janszen speakers are beautiful. I can't find them in any Janszen material. There is no model number but likely Z-something.  
The grill clothe and trim look very cool. 

 This is what is in side a 12 inch woofer and two electrostatic panels. I was very surprised at the sound. They were very nice.
 These are Janszen Z-900's. The specs say 38hz-22,000hz +-1db which I find hard to believe. I really like the cabinets on these with a little repair and work they could be amazing. Each cabinet is two of the above speakers two sets of electrostatic panels and two twelve inch woofers. 

 The panels are rated 700hz - 30,000 hz. I'm going to have to grab a pair of these for testing.


  1. Hi:
    To which brand or mode can you compare the sound?

    1. We listened to some Corals and Klipsch Heresy's first.

      Honestly I'm not as familiar with electrostatics as I am with horns and I only listened to these for about an hour. Also I am not good at verbal imagery for audio.

      I would say they were nice and airy with very good highs. There wasn't much bass and we didn't push them very hard. The sound was very pleasing and simple if that makes sense especially with the jazz we were playing. I'd like to spend more time with them which after an hour in my book means they weren't bad as there aren't that many speakers I do want to spend more time listening. It made me want to here some bigger Quads again or at least the bigger Janzens that were in the shop.

  2. The mystery JansZens at the top are built from the JanKit 41 which consisted of the drivers, power supply, and crossover (all mounted on a baffle board). The JansZen 600 was the same system in the factory enclosure.

    I remember the JansZens well. Sold a number in my time.