Monday, February 18, 2013

Speaker Of Unusual Size

8ft speaker.....  Hmm gonna need a nice sized horn for that driver.


  1. nice photoshop, the center of gravity would cause that big old magnet to crush the dude in the glasses, and the rim is not round but segmated. Still a humorous picture and the thought of an 8 ft bass driver in a corner horn would definitely bring down the house!

  2. April 1, 1961. Western Electric engineers ready 10.8' driver with Fs = 3.7 Hz for mounting to 250' long horn with 82' diameter mouth. Driven by the world's first 2.5 kW infrasonic amplifier, will be sending signals from USA directly to herds of elephants in Africa, warning them of piano key and meerschaum pipe manufacturers.

    Could be a composite photo, or maybe a prop made from light materials for one of those classic audiophile movie dramas.

  3. Does such a speaker still exists?


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