Tuesday, February 26, 2013

G.I.P. Laboratory

I haven't posted anything on G.I.P. Laboratory in a long time. This week I have been spending too much time on their site. They have been researching and building in the Western Electric style which is highly commendable. I have no clue what this gear sounds like or how close they are to the original but I can say it is executed to a very high standard.

The GIP-9501 may be the most beautiful tweeter I've ever seen. It is abit blingy but I bet Slagle could help with that.
 Such beautiful work very inspiring. Bravo!
I have been planning my Eastern pilgrimage in my head for a while. It would have to include Siblatone @ Seoul, GIP Laboratory @ Yamagata and Sukuma San's Concord Cafe @ Tateyama. This would be the ultimate audio pilgrimage for me.

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