Saturday, October 27, 2012

45rpm The Long Road To Lost Music - Local Indie Movie

When I saw the title for this movie it obviously got my attention. Then upon further investigation it turns out it was filmed in Arkansas and Tennessee. It is weird seeing people you know in a film but a pleasant surprise when they are doing a top notch job. There also some of my favorite record stores in this film and some I will have to find. Hey Jason do you have a record store list for this film?
"45RPM" was written and directed by Arkansas native Juli Jackson and funded in part by the Ozark Foothills FilmFest in Batesville,AR. It's the first of three films that have been awarded grants by the festival as part of the Arkansas Indie Film Initiative.
45 RPM is an independent feature that follows Charlie - a young city artist who seeks a connection between her work and her deceased father's music. She teams up with Louie, an obsessive record collector from Memphis, and begins a search for a rare 45 recording from the 1960s Arkansas garage rock scene that takes them on a journey across the landscape of the South.