Monday, September 17, 2012

Frazier Ad

Nice Frazier ad maybe I'll find a big Frazier in Dallas this weekend.


  1. Frazier... with a Z.

    First time I've ever seen the Stereorama or the Mark II, but I've got some Del Mars in the garage.

  2. Dang I cnt spell. Corrected. Thanks.

    FraZier's are nice. I'd like to hear the big ones.

  3. Hook up with Dave Mallette next time you go to Houston. He's got some ELEVENS (and he might compare them next to his Klipschorns, if you're nice).

  4. My Dad and I installed a number of large Frazier speaker clusters back in the day. The reveille/bugle call system at Fort Polk included several of their larger horns and drivers circumferenceing (seems I cant spell either) the fort's water tower.

    1. Would love to have seen that Frazier was a cool guy. I'm still hoping an example of the big dog exists or at least plans for it somewhere. The Californian.


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