Friday, August 10, 2012

RIP Extra Action Marching Band

 I am very sad to learn of the demise of San Francisco's Extra Action Marching Band. If you saw them live you would never be able to forget. You can watch all the videos and pics of EAMB but it can not simulate the energy of that many horns, live drums, and burlesque girls crashing a club.. One of my dream concerts was EAMB and Gogol Bordello.

Half marching band half burlesque... What a combo....
EAMB is not for the phobic so if that is not you enjoy these clips. 

This is one of the few stage shows with David Byrne.

Cro Fro 

And for Jeffrey I have some Sabbath.... War Pigs. A little different but WTH it is Friday.

I'm sad that EAMB is gone but even happier they existed at all... Thank you you San Fran Freaks.

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