Monday, August 13, 2012

Altec And The Cinema 150

This took me back a ways. This section of an Altec ad features a Cinema 150 in the background. Now Cinema 150 was the big screen back before IMAX. For some reason we had one in Little Rock. I saw all the big movies there and some reissues. I seem to remember a few of us watching a special showing of Fantasia but for some reason we slid out of our seats and watched it from the floor right in front of the screen... Not sure what could have made us like jello but it was quite a night. I think we went to see it a few times.

I found this information on the net about the 150.

The former UA Cinema 150 opened with an enormous dome roof and a 120 degree curved screen. In addition to standard 35mm, the theater also showed 70mm and D-150 formats. When this happened, a large BLUE curvulon is used.

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