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Heil Sound System

I really dig the La Scala type design with two 15 inch drivers. I agree make the horn BIGGER.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

More Mercury Rectifiers Of Unusual Size

 Ok Jeffrey no offense but if you get some of those rolling I'm going to start visiting in a Space Suit ; )

1939 - BTH British Thomson Houston - Mercury Rectifiers

I wonder when we will see an amp featuring these rectifiers from EMIA.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eimac Tubes Ad

Weird Record Shopping Day

Finally got away to one of our record stores today Arkansas CD Record Exchange. I didn't find anything I was look for which is weird given the selection but came home with a few oddities anyway. Shopping by record spine drives me crazy quickly.
This was the only Cal Tjader I could find but it was only a few bucks so what the hell.
Strange album by 80's London band Rip Rig + Panic.
Never owned this Nina Hagen so I picked it up.
I grew up on a steady diet of Ska but never heard this Selector record.
I'm a sucker for promotional records. It must be the Not For Sale label that makes me by things I would usually ignore.

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Simon's DIY Tannoy Westminster Build

Simon's build is just incredible and the end result is beautiful. Check out a couple pics of this build.

Superb quality.

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The True Story of Sique Sigue Sputnik

I guess you could call Sigue Sigue Sputnik the first cyber punk band. The story of the band is way better than the actual band.  What Tony James pulled off was incredible and at a time when bands were getting screwed by the record labels he turned the tables and bent them over.  Tony James was a marketing genius and could sell snow to eskimo's. The band motto was Fleece The World. Can't wait to see this documentary.

This is not an endorsement. lol

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Wright DeCoster

Wright DeCoster was in production from 1925-1930. They were in the radio business and theater sound as well. I can't find very much information about them but did find these pics. I like the endorsement of satisfactory as if it was a slam dunk excellent...

Horn System Ident?

This is a really interesting horn system. Does anyone have any information on the bass horns? The construction is very nice.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vitavox Klipschorn Reproducer

Jim Hunter the Klipsch historian shared this with me last week. I had asked about the Klipschorn reproductions in Europe. Check out this Vitavox pamphlet a little rough but likely very rare.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Altec And The Cinema 150

This took me back a ways. This section of an Altec ad features a Cinema 150 in the background. Now Cinema 150 was the big screen back before IMAX. For some reason we had one in Little Rock. I saw all the big movies there and some reissues. I seem to remember a few of us watching a special showing of Fantasia but for some reason we slid out of our seats and watched it from the floor right in front of the screen... Not sure what could have made us like jello but it was quite a night. I think we went to see it a few times.

I found this information on the net about the 150.

The former UA Cinema 150 opened with an enormous dome roof and a 120 degree curved screen. In addition to standard 35mm, the theater also showed 70mm and D-150 formats. When this happened, a large BLUE curvulon is used.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

RIP Extra Action Marching Band

 I am very sad to learn of the demise of San Francisco's Extra Action Marching Band. If you saw them live you would never be able to forget. You can watch all the videos and pics of EAMB but it can not simulate the energy of that many horns, live drums, and burlesque girls crashing a club.. One of my dream concerts was EAMB and Gogol Bordello.

Half marching band half burlesque... What a combo....
EAMB is not for the phobic so if that is not you enjoy these clips. 

This is one of the few stage shows with David Byrne.

Cro Fro 

And for Jeffrey I have some Sabbath.... War Pigs. A little different but WTH it is Friday.

I'm sad that EAMB is gone but even happier they existed at all... Thank you you San Fran Freaks.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

1949 B & O Klipschorn Type Speaker Corner HH 1

I've been on the trail of this B and O speaker for some time. I found some decent pictures recently. I do like the style of the build and the multicell horn. Still this is an early rip off of a Klipschorn or the Vitavox. This is around the same time that Vitavox started their version of the Klipschorn although it was legal via Klipsch. We do know that Baldwin  ripped off the Klipschorn and Brociner built some early Klipschorns for Klipsch. Interesting to see these different companies building their interpretation of the Klipschorn legally and not.

It does look great.
Yeah that is the unique internals of the Klipschorn. The use of two woofers is interesting.
Does anyone recognize this driver?

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Klipsch TSCM

The Klipsch TSCM speakers are basically beefed up Klipschorns for better power handling. At the core they are simply Klipschorns with backs and sides which extend out making them less dependent upon corners. PWK called the Klipschorn a speaker tweakers dream. That has to go for the TSCM since the top horn isn't really attached you can mix and match any horn you like on top. I'm thinking about a pair of these for xmas.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Bell Laboratories Monitor Room

The guys at Bell Labs certainly did things in style. Check out their monitor room.... Now those are speaker stands.

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Auto Hi-Fi

I'm not in to auto hi-fi but I could get into this but the Miata looks like it may pop a wheelie.

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