Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Velvet Kente Afro Soul Funk Dance Party - LIVE

In the beginning there was Africa. And it was funky. It’s soul was funky to the core, a heart pulsating in a poly-rhythmic now now time signature…and else that is sonically hallowed followed. We Aural Baptists have come together to kneel at the altar of that sacred source of sound. We bring gifts and sacrifices. They are the formed art of Afrobeat and Ethiojazz. Funky Folk from the Congo. Highlife and the soul of Mauritius and much, much more. In the names of Mulatu Astatke, Hugh Masekela, Franco, Ebo Taylor, Manu Dibango, Femi Kuti, and all that came before. We do so with the faith the all who kneel with us, spirits prostrate and open, will be change and expanded for the better. Join us for this installment of the VK Soul Dance Party, and rock your struttin shoes, or none at all. Blessings and Light. VK Personnel: Jamal Lee – Drums Tim Anthony – Keys, Vocals Judson Spillyards – Guitars Ryan Hitt – Bass joshua. – Guitar, Vocals, Percussion Norman Williamson – Tenor Sax Gerald Johnson – Saxophones Cliff Hawkins – Trumpet Walter Henderson – Trumpet Rodney Block - Trumpet Ryan D. Davis – Percussion.

When I read the description of the band I had to go see them. Then when I get there I found out they were local. How could such a hot highlife afro funk band possibly get under my radar... 

I did know enough to get there early. There was a line out the door and they packed the White Water Tavern and the back deck.

The lead singer had the perfect voice for highlife and afrofunk. 
They somehow managed to put 10 people on that little stage.
Velvet Kente An Aural Babtism

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