Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The b-52's 1978 Atlanta Downtown Cafe

I remember the first time I heard The B-52's first two records. Don't think I listened to much else for a while after that...

Click the links because some douche disabled embedding on youtube.. But really I didn't know footage this early existed.

Hero Worship http://youtu.be/xo7vXBeTlJM

Rock Lobster http://youtu.be/DnU3WoQZHJE

52 Girls http://youtu.be/rJgvJvIo2-U

Devils In My Care http://youtu.be/FSe6SYvsk9E

Dance This Mess Around http://youtu.be/VN8hV4AyNss

I have to have one embedded video so here is an early Rock Lobster video. This is the first one before it became abit of a hit.

hmm lagavulin scotch on a monday no wait its tuesday 8-)


  1. You know, they sound SO much better when Fred doesn't sing. I wonder if they know that. Somebody should tell them. He'll probably cry when they tell him to get out, don't you think?

  2. You make a strong case, Anonymous. I'm with you. Adios, Fred.

  3. Fred ROCKS!
    No one plays the triangle like Fred. There would be no b-52's without Fred. Fred is the glue... Man!

  4. He should stick to the keyboards and stay in the back. The girls have got it handled up front.


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