Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Robert Koprowski's Manger Horn Of Great Style

I saw this post last week and have not been able to get it out of my head. This is a beautiful piece of audio art.
Transducer - 1.2 W05 MANGER MSW- MANGER MTC0803-8 ”
Impedance - 4 Ω
Operating Frequency - 25 Hz-20 kHz (+/-3 dB)
Efficiency - 86 dB 1W/1m Power - 100W
External Crossover division at - 150 Hz
Column weight - 40 kg and 21 kg crossover
Dimensions - 1.3 x 0.5 x 0.5 m
Skeleton enclosure - wood
Thickness of casing - 10-20mm

Anechoic chamber measurements: Accuracy: ± 1 dB 20 Hz to 10 kHz ± 2 dB from 10 to 20kHz Max SPL: 130 dB.

Here is an article about it but turn on your translator.


  1. where they can buy ?

  2. Wow, these are some great vintage audio speakers. Where did you find these? I install modern home audio systems, and I'd love to show some of my current customers these. They would love them!

  3. I find contact to author
    robert koprowski

  4. Thank you for the information. Very interesting horn.

  5. Guess we know now where B&W got the inspiration for the Nautilus!

    1. Nautilus designed in 1990. When was this made?


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