Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1954 KlipschTape Reissue

Thank you Jim Hunter and Klipsch for making this available. I've heard excerpts from the tape archives at Klipsch Hope, AR audio lab. The quality is surprising especially for early stereo recordings. It has been said that PWK did not like store bought music nor did he like newer formats so instead he did his own purist field recordings. The Klipsch archives have lots of PWK RTR recordings. I spotted a at least 30 tapes labeled late 70's Ozark Mountain Folk Festival Mountain Home, AR. I'd love to hear these next... Hint... I can't wait to hear the 1954 PWK interview.

Purchase here http://www.highdeftapetransfers.com/klipsch-tape-reissues-c316.php


  1. I want tape!
    No fake audio!

  2. I would love a reel tape as well but really how many tapes would they sell 5 maybe 10? It is amazing that this exists in any form.


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