Saturday, April 14, 2012

1958 Exotic german scifi jungle robot spaceship girl monkey madness

Exotic german scifi jungle robot spaceship girl monkey madness.... I mean how weird is this. Thanks Byron for sending me this one. I am curious what search terms led you to this one.....

I am the moon lady There is only one I live here alone in Neutronen The man in the moon is my father My house is directly behind the moon I am bored (It is so boring) (repeated twice more) Nothing is going on here I am alone without a man I am so bored, I am so bored I have no friends here with whom to gossip There is no movie house There is no television There is no Rock and roll or jazz I cannot go to the hair salon I say only "bonjour Tristan" It is so boring It is so boring It is so boring.

I was forwarded the following information about this clip and thought I would share.

The guy who plays the conductor of the orchestra, Jopi Heesters, just died
last christmas aged 108 years old. He had still been performing.

The translation of the lyrics is a bit vague. She doesn't sing "Bonjour
Tristan", but "Bonjour tristesse"... which makes more sense.

It's nice to see the space genre meeting the exotica genre.

In her later years Marika Rökk would be featured as the woman who has
"stayed young" and could miraculously dance at 70 et al.ökk For most Germans she was the
Hungarian Czardas princess, that she played in some of her movies.

Here is more of her, showing how the Nazis during the last hopeless days of
the war, counted on escapism to detract the masses from reality. This made
it particularily difficult to reestablish exoticism in postwar Germany, as
it was seen as Nazi lies.

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