Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's All This Talk About Hi-Fi? Popular Mechanics Sept 1954

I just picked up a lot of Popular Mechanics and Electronics. The earliest one I have from Popular Mechanics 1954. It is strange as there are no Hi-Fi ads but there is a great cover article. I'll be posting scans from these mags over the next couple months.

I love the built in designs. I guess they bought quality gear the first time and didn't really roll through a lot of equipment.

I love these family circus style charts. Popular Electronics and Mechanics used this style often.

Why can't I find a house with LC1 built in lol..... Sorry for the watermark but its easy too see where my scans end up and there is a blog out there that just copies everything I post.

Sorry guys I was checking out the girl on the cover and missed the rest of the article but here it is..

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  1. That Mid-Century console in the second image (article's first page) is something to lust after!

  2. useful article, thanks so much.


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