Thursday, January 12, 2012

Klipsch Console

Klipsch is working on an extremely interesting product. A wireless music system console. It looks incredible.
This prototype pic shows the possibility with the design. This is very heritage looking while using their higher end parts from the Paladium line as I understand it so far but this early information could be wrong.

More great news :)

"Interesting, the bleeding-edge Palladium and other higher-end Klipsch lines are moving their manufacturing from China back to Arkansas due to higher costs in the former. This isn't a knock against the Chinese but we can't help feeling pleased that more Klipsch speakers are going to be made in America."

I've often wondered how you could produce something cheaper than in rural Arkansas. This is great. Arkansas really needs the jobs and kudos to Klipsch for bringing them back. I wonder how much Audiovox had to do with this decision.

Thanks PMSummer for the additional info:
Hand built in Hope, Ark. where the brand was originally founded, the Klipsch Console serves as both a multifunctional 2.1 audio system and furniture centerpiece. Boasting cutting-edge design and engineering, the Klipsch console provides plug n’ play functionality for music, movies and television, in addition to its Airplay capabilities. Versatile inputs, including HDMI, optical and USB, provide numerous sound connection options no matter the preferred media source. To best produce the Klipsch sound signature, the unique system utilizes dual 90° x 60° Tractrix® Horns with 1.75-inch titanium dome, high-compression drivers featuring Linear Travel Suspension (LTS),10-inch machine-spun Cerametallic™ woofers with folded cones and huge motor structures, and 12-inch non-resonant, woven fiberglass subwoofer drivers with large, four-layer, aluminum-wound voice coils. For added impact, the Klipsch Console can also be used as a center channel and subwoofer solution for more extensive home theater setups.

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  1. Great news on all three accounts! So much for the AudioVox "End of the World" fears... but 2012 still looms. ;-)

  2. I'm excited about 2012. If you look around this culture is just sick. It needs some cleaning up. Bring on 2012.

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