Friday, December 16, 2011

What ever happened to Doo Rag ? Bob Log III?

There was a band in the 90's my friends and I used to go see called Doo Rag. They were awesome. They would bang on piece's of tin scrape washboards make crazy sounds and generally freak the hell out. They were noisy and cacaphonic. I miss them. Well I was looking them up today and found this kick ass piece by Bob Log III. This is what he they evolved into. Sometimes I get tired of the smooth clean sounds and want to hear some manic heavy grit music. I know this will annoy some but I dig it. The albums are much cleaner sounding than the live cuts and very interesting.

My main question is that if this is Bob Log III what has happened to the Bob Log's that preceded him?

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi


  1. Great stuff. My kind of band. But... he wearing the helmet for protection?


  2. He is wearing the helmet to get that vocal sound. The mic is in the helmet. : )

  3. I love him too !!!! He went twice in my town in France and I never could see him (1st time I wanted to go with a friend who didn't want, 2nd time my friend went without telling me... Call that a friend !!!)