Friday, December 9, 2011

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

I bet she is thinking gee why does me record sound weird.... Oh don't mind the album cover touching the tonearm..... WOMEN!


  1. What a comment by you. Do you really think SHE laid the cover on the turntable? Do you really think SHE threw the records on the floor or stuck up that crappy pictures with tacks? There's not even a power cord leading from the record player. It's all set up by the photographer. He also told her to sit ikn that silly pose, because no one really sits like that. Give a girl a break. BIf you gotta plame, then blame the right person.

  2. Yes, give her a break!
    The poor girl is obviously flustered.
    She hasn't even had time to put her pants on!

  3. ..the "poor girl" is no less than Claudia Cardinale, famous actress and one of the most beatiful women ever


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