Friday, October 21, 2011

Secret Stash Records Vis-A-Vis Reissue Obo Agye Me Dofo #166

I just received this killer reissue from Secret Stash Records. I preordered two copies because the first 250 come with a 45. My friend should get his copy tonight. They really do it right and it is obvious that they take great pride in their product. It also includes a coupon for a digital download of the album. Very nice.
I've never bought a record with a wax seal so that is a nice touch.
The bonus 45 is definitely high quality.
The wax seal is too cool. I can't break it.
Ok so I couldn't bring my self to break the seal or rip the label. Since I work for a bunch of doctors I snagged a scalpel and slit the plastic cover down the side leaving all the cool marketing information intact.
Oh man I LOVE new virgin vinyl. Too freaking cooooool man.

Why I dig Secret Stash Records check out this Vis-A-Vis remaster sneak peak on you tube.

Thank you Secret Stash Records for the great product and music. I think Persian Funk is next on my list. As my good friend would say "IT ROCKS THE FUCK"

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