Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi Fi Year Book 1959 Quad for the closest approach to the original sound

The 1959 Hi Fi YEAR BOOK seems to be limited to Quad stereo. I would love to have this vintage system. The Quad II's were the first tube amps I ever heard.

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi


  1. Amazing piece of gear! Not many people is realizing how good does it sound. It wipes the floor with nowadays stuff with ease. I used to have one of those until got myself McIntosh MC275

  2. for all things Quad.


    First Quad ff Electrostatic, from High Fidelity by G.A.Briggs,published 1956 by Wharfedale

    Gramophone 1951 Quad Amp Review

  4. It wasn't limited to Quad amps. That's just the front cover ad. :-)
    As it says in the masthead, this is the 'Special Tape Edition' but features pickups, turntables, speakers and more. It's an amazing piece of audiophile history.

    I have my dad's copy of this - if you'd like to buy it, make me an offer.