Saturday, October 29, 2011

1981 Heresy I Score

I walked into a vintage store today and spotted these little bookshelf speakers. Heresy Oak Lacquer. This is great since I needed them for my make shift shop. The price was decent.

I've been running them all day with my Luxman KMQ60 and an Intact Audio autoformer volume control. I love the combination. It sounds great.

Thanks PMSummer perhaps they are Heresy I's. I took the back off and took some more pics. The serial is 122W031. The sticker has a date of 1980.
The crossover look allot better in Heresy and Cornwalls than they do in La Scala Belle or Khorns since they are not opened in the back. All nice and shiny. I like shiny.


  1. Those are Heresy "I"s aren't they? Terminal strip, rear-mount drivers, detachable back panel?

    They are certainly beautiful!

  2. Hey thanks I thought it was odd that a hand written number 2 would stand for Heresy II lol.... THANKS

  3. My Heresy's are 1s from 1968....I got them a cpl years ago and opened one...beautiful EV drivers...still shiny chrome!
    Like a time capsule! I consider myself very lucky to have found these in such wonderful condition.


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