Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vinyl Horns

Some sick bastard decided it was a good idea to turn vinyl into a horn shaped device. Hmm ok not a terrible idea. I can think of some vinyl I own that the world would definitely not miss nor would I feel bad about melting down. They are also doing this at a live event so check it out here

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi


  1. Finally, NOW I have a use for all my Huey Lewis and Starship LPs!!!

  2. And Manatova and Percy Faith Strings records...... DIE DIE DIE!!!!!

    If I had a .05 cent for every Manatovin record in every Thrift Store in America I would be a gazillionair.

  3. I'm using successfully some crappy LP's as a big coasters.
    Finally someone get the rid of Acker Bilk, James Last and 80's Hawaii hits :)

  4. I tried this a few years ago... very crude... just took 101 strings.... set it on top of a small Le Cleac'h horn in the Memphis sun... which baked it down and warped and wobbled it, but not into a horn shape... I was then too busy/lazy to take the next steps with what was just goofing off on a work day....maybe I should do it again... his time properly... three thick would make a nice 600 Hz horn....



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