Friday, August 5, 2011

RCA DuoCone 515S2 DIY Klipsch Rebel Cabinet

I am surprised it took me so long to get to hear these speakers. This is my setup for their trial run. Two RCA 515S2 drivers one I repaired and the other I bought from Terrence in St.Louis. The one from St.Louis is in a really well made Klipsch Rebel cabinet. Associated gear is as follows. The preamp or autoformer volume control is from Dave Slagle at If you haven't tried an autoformer volume control you owe it to yourself to do so. You will not regret it. The Luxmann KMQ60 is from my friend Terry and it is a great piece featuring the rare NEC 50CA10 power tubes. Source was my laptop. Measurements were taken using truerta via an ecm8000 mic. DISCLAIMER these are amateur measurements taken at 3ft just to get me in the ballpark. If you see something wrong or have advice please share.
RCA 515S2 in Klipsch Rebel cabinet. It does have some improved bass from the cabinet.
Pink Noise. Peek Hold. 3ft. Not smoothed.
Same as above just looks different.
Pink Noise. Peek Hold. 3ft. Not smoothed.
This is the RCA515S2 on the floor in front of the cabinet. It seems my repair was ok and not detrimental to the cabinet. That is really cool. Holy Cow I fixed something and it works afterwards.
Pink Noise. Peek Hold. 3ft. Not smoothed.
Ah what the hell this is with both woofers playing. Pretty much the same.
Pink Noise. Peek Hold. 3ft. Not smoothed.
I like how these sound. I'm surprised I have such a favorable impression given that the high end takes a dive around 10k. They have a really nice feel to them. More listening this week.

I'm wondering what to do with them? Add a tweeter? Should I build another Rebel cabinet or build one of Olson's old corner speaker cabinets. It may be interesting to make an old school console. What do you think? Any advice much appreciated

I was just looking at an ad for the 515S2 and it is advertised at 40-12,000. Also I look at the LC1A and they measure very closely. Interesting.

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