Friday, August 26, 2011

Madness Take It Or Leave It

When I was a kid I listened to everything I could get my ears around. Started on my dads country, my brothers 60's rock and my uncles classical music. Then on a trip to England when I was a little whipper snapper I heard the new re-branded ska 2tone sound. This was bands like The Specials, The Selector, The Beat, The Bodysnatchers and Madness. I dove into this music head first. Of course this was just a primer to prepare me for the music that influenced these bands which was even better.

Long story short I always liked the first couple Madness albums One Step Beyond, Absolutely, and 7 but after these albums they lost their way and went for that sold out pop sound. I totally recommend One Step Beyond it is a classic. Not long after One Step Beyond was released the band did something very interesting they made a movie about the forming of the band called Take It Or Leave It. Making a movie 8 months after your first hit is a really strange thing to do. This movie is about the forming of the band to the point that they are packing out pubs in London on and on the brink of hitting it big in the UK. I had waited so long to see Madness when they were in their prime in the late 70's early 80's and this is it. This move is a glimpse into that time period right as they started their career. A saint has uploaded the movie to youtube in 9 parts so check it out before it is gone. If you click on this link it should take you to the youtube playlist for the movie Take It Or Leave It and play each part consecutively . Click here

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