Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1950's Norelco Speaker Ads

I did not know that Norelco speakers were made by Phillips until just now. That is really cool. I'll have to keep a look out for Norelco speakers now as well

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi http://itishifi.blogspot.com


  1. Shaves as close as a blade or your money back! Ha, I never knew they made speakers... :)

  2. We have a pair of these "exhibition" speaker enclosures. I have been searching for a while on any info about them. Just came across this ad on your blog, Im wondering if you might have any idea what they might be worth. They work great, original wiring and all. They were purchased by my husbands grandfather in the late 50's.

  3. Hey Brooke the Norelco speaker cabinets are certainly very rare. I've never seen a pair for sale. I would love to see some pics iain42 @ gmail.com no spaces.

    I believe the Norelco speakers are rebranded Phillips speakers.

    You could put them on ebay and maybe do well by a collector but shipping can be a PITA. If you are in a big city or close to one craigslist may be better. I don't want to give a value as it could be wrong. Depending on the speakers used in the cabinet they could be worth up to $500 with the enclosures I just don't know. Wish I could be of more help.

    Too bad they couldn't stay in the family since they have made it this long.

    Good luck.