Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stan White Ultra High Fidelity Cabinet Speakers

I've never seen a pair of Stan White speakers. Someone did email me about some they had in their basement but once I mentioned they were rare I never heard back. Oh well. I'm curious about the curled not folded exponential horn.

Here is an endorsement from the Heston family.

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  1. The largest Stan White system was a 4 D. It was pictured in an add in an early AUDIO magazine I have someplace. It used a JBL 15 inch driver on the bottom but the other drivers are a mystery to me. It looked like a large ice box on four short metal tubular legs. I later heard that the owner of an oriental restaurant in Manhattan owned a pair. It was a mysterious brand that didn't seem to get much traction. I think I'll goggle the 4 D and see what comes up.

    Ken Fritz, Richmond, Va.

    1. I have only a few posts on Stan White but if you hit the Stan White tag at the bottom of the post it will show all of them to you.... Cool speakers. It would certainly be a rarity to own something like that... WOW.

  2. "Take your stinking paws off my speaker you damn dirty ape!"


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