Thursday, July 14, 2011

Satans Tube Tester

I've lucked into two tube testers recently. An Eico 666 and a Sencore Mighty Mite. The 666 a friend found for me in a Habitat for Humanity shop. The Sencore was given to me by my friend Jim. The mighty mite works well but I haven't tested the 666. From what I've read the roll sheets are notoriously wrong. Has anyone updated one of these 666 rollsheets?
I have some tube amps and I'm wanting to dive into bottlehead kits. This seems to be the best way to learn how to work on and build tube amops. Anyhow these testers may come in handy.

The mighty mite is really nice and compact. I had a dead tube on hand it certainly tested as such.
What other tube testers should I keep a look out for?

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  1. A tube tester is the worst possible intro project.

    Build a mic pre or a guitar pre, or some sort of radio.

    1. I skipped it and built an autoformer preamp and then a 45/2a3 stereo amp.


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