Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quad July 1952

Great Quad ad from Wireless World July 1952. I believe examples of this amp and preamp are in the Klipsch audio history museum. Anyone want to sell me the pair for $35. Hell I'd be happy with the illustrated book mentioned in the ad.

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  1. Yes, and that Peter Walker design is still the benchmark for each and every tube amplifier over 60 years later. Anyone with a well restored 1950s designed tube amp, be it a Fisher, a Leak or a Quad 22/double II has an incredibly musical sounding combination. I've a late sixties Bocama using EL84s (also known as 6Vs I think), that needs some TLC, that outperforms any modern amp sound wise. Solid state amps, with the exception of Sony's vFet's just are too harsh.


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