Monday, July 11, 2011

Mad Genius or Dumbass Design?

You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Audio Twilight Zone!

A friend that runs a local antique mall said he had something weird. Well the something weird is really weird. This was the creation of a local engineer who designed and built this speaker. It doesn't look like a speaker but that is whats alleged. The base of the cabinet holds a very specific JBL driver which fires up into these tubes. It is said that he tested and measured each tube on test equipment and that it took a long time to build.

I hope some engineers and speaker builders will chime in and give some sort of a clue as to what this is and how they may think it works. Is this the work of a mad genius or a dumbass? I used to know a guy who thought he would become famous for his crossbreed animal farm with critters like the goaticken or the turkduck. Could this be the same kind of misdirection or sheer genius? Please let us know your opinion.

These are speakers I would expect Moondog to have owned.

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  1. hey man.... mike, who is coincidentally featured a few times this week in dave's posts at our blog, designed and built something similar.... eerily similar.... until your post, I had never seen or heard of another...

    I have not heard it, but from those that have heard it, they say it sounds like nothing you have ever heard... really good, but different at the same time....

    I will see if I can get him to write something about the project... he is a really cool and WAY out there dude.... you'd love him...


  2. Must have been very hard to calculate and engineer it... It´s very innovative, isn´t it?! Strange kind of monkey business!

    Best regards,

  3. Thanks Jeffery. I would appreciate any comments from Mike. For instance what the hell is this Dr.Seuss speaker design called?

    In a couple weeks we are going to fire it up : )

  4. I think you needed something like a Cray super computer to calculate these. I know that KEF rented time for their RR104AB, that were the first real computer designed speakers, during weekend. But those were stone age compared with these ones. Abso-bloody-lutely incredible and I would love to hear how they sound.

  5. I Just read with interestthis article .my father Paul Graugnard ( french) désignéd suce product in the 50ths and patent it .it Was installed in cinéma to work as an organ.please gve me more nfo about it

    1. I wish I had more information. It is at Twin City Andique Mall in North Little Rock, Arkansas but it isn't for sale. At least not that I know of. I'd be interested in your fathers design and interested in any documentation or pictures yoou would have.


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