Saturday, May 14, 2011

Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Restoration

Cash's boyhood in Dyess, AR home has been purchased by Arkansas State University. In fact the town of Dyess, AR is going to turn the town back in time to when Johnny Cash was around. The town doesn't have much else going for it and this is a good opportunity to transform the town. I hope it works.

In a rare event I agree with University sponsered music festival. Arkansas State University is putting on the Johnny Cash Music Festival. The proceeds go to fund the restoration of Cash's boyhood home. Fortunately Rosanne Cash can remember all the details of the home so it will be exact. There are many structures in the town that will eventually be restored through donations and this ongoing festival. Check out the Dyess Theater. Sure part of me wondered what sort of Hi-Fi gear could be scavenged and then guilt set in....bad iain.
For details on the music festival go here
Cash grew up in Dyess, AR but was born in Kingsland, AR close by and there is a memorial there as well.

I've been a closet Cash fan since I was a kid. His music wasn't the typical country or rock. He had his own sound and it was just Cash. Thanks for the tunes.

I love artists at the beginnings of the careers. Some great early Cash performances.

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