Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GE Hi-Fi 1956

I can't say that I have ever seen GE Hi-Fi gear before. It seems vintage Hi-Fi ads are continually trying to improve their wife acceptance factor. Yes the flowers certainly help lol.
While it may be mid century that guy needs a better chair.

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi


  1. I just discovered your blog today. The old ads,articles,and promotional material are great.he articles help show just how much knowledge has been lost.

    I have a decent vintage system,but I have bought all of my tube components for cheap on the web, because where I live,in Albuquerque,nothing ever turns up. I bought one of my amps off eBay Germany,and the other off a Craigslist in New Jersey.

    Once,in the early 90s,I actually saw two pieces of GE tube Hi-Fi gear,a stereo tuner,and a stereo integrated amp.These were at a pawn shop,for $30.00 for the pair. I was a newbie,and had my head filled with all sorts of garbage from Stereophile and TAS,so I passed on them.They sat there gathering dust for a few more years,before the store finally closed.

    Now I'm real sorry I didn't get them.It may not be expensive equipment,but it's certainly rare.

  2. Thanks

    I know what you mean I've past on lots of things in the past because I didn't know better. Ebay and audiogon are great places to pick up gear I do it often. Wow $30 a pair what a steal lol.... I've never seen a pair anywhere.