Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Western Electric Rear View

Always thought the Western Electric logo was cool.
I wish there was a place i could hear such a system still in use today.

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi


  1. Hí Iain,

    I have a picture of a model of baffle elaborated or
    produced for the sound system on the north coast of
    Colombia, between the finish of 80s and 90s. this model was known with the name of "Fraccionados"

    some photos here:

    in this photograph shows the back of the turntable
    the machine of sound or amplifier of vacuum tubes

    Some of these models were used in the 80s
    old sound systems of the northern coast of Colombia
    called "Picós"

    Los Picós - Old Sound System of Colombia

    Fabian Altahona Romero
    Barranquilla Colombia

  2. Great blog Africolombia.

    Thanks for the info very cool.


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