Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JC's Tractrix Bass Horn 70hz to 600hz DIY Plans

I spent several days listening to this bass horn with multiple HF sections and it is a winner. JC does impeccable research and builds. I'm a big fan of his work and was very happy to see him post these plans on the Klipsch forums. This bass horn uses two 12 inch K31 drivers but it was mentioned that other drivers could be used. JC also mentioned that you could back port this horn but that was not how he was going to use this horn.
Check out that flare.

Mix and match this bass horn with your flavor of HF section. That bening said it mated really well to trcatrix mid and tweeters.

Finishing the build process.

Tractrix Flare

Here is the cut list for those with the skills to build this beastie. It is big and heavy but why would you use small horns? Bigger is better don't fight physics.

It is very cool of JC to make his personal build plans public. Thanks JC.


  1. One of my best. Little compromise. Not the build, but the design.



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