Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stewart Hegeman interviewed by Norman Eisenburg 1961

Thanks for sending me this interview and insight into the Citation.


  1. Excellent interview of Stu Hegeman by Eisenberg. I recently had my Citation I preamp upgraded by Bob Carver. Bob was close friends with Mr. Hegeman, and from the sound of it, Mr. Hegeman was a mentor and inspiration to Bob Carver. The preamplifier sounds incredible, and the Steward Hegeman upgrade to the phono section, for MC cartridge use, is outstanding. Wonderful website. I hope to glean some pointers from the site. I recently constructed one of my own, and only being up less than a week, still a work in progress. Please visit it when you have a moment. I'd be honored if you decided to post some sage vintage audio info on my blog. Happy listening. Sincerely, Timothy. WWW.MIDCENTURYHIFI.COM

  2. Really enjoying finding out about Stewart Hegeman, thanks for sharing.