Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daves Fastlane Audio Hobby Site

Daves site is the perfect place for those looking for tractrix horns for their DIY projects. Dave specializes in upgrades to heritage Klipsch but they can be used with many other DIY projects. I find Dave's site is different from most of the others as he provides lots of test data. There is allot of respect for the designs of Paul Klipsch but many want to try PWK's vintage designs with modern components. Klipsch pays respect to the Heritage line by leaving it mostly as it was at PWK's passing. The 2006 revamp was likely the best in Heritage history. However Dave's site is for those that want to hear what Heritage and DIY could be.

The Elliptrac 400 is very interesting. It can also be ordered in kit form. I may have to try this one if I can get it with 1.4 inch throat.

I like the different horns for Belle and La Scala.

I was skeptical about the biradial tweeters until I actually heard them. Amazing coverage.

I may have to be on the look out for some beater or parted vintage LF horns.

Check out Daves Fastlane Audio Hobby Site


  1. If you want to hear the mellow richness of a wooden horn, check out Dave's!

  2. Ian, I would swear there was a website from a few years ago where the dude sold a kit to replace the K-400 in the LaScala with a 8-10" direct firing cone you recall this?
    -Eric in Ohio


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