Friday, January 14, 2011

Aspara Acoustics

Can't say I'm ever impressed with tall skinny speakers but fortunately they have some fatties for me. Check out these speakers from the UK by Aspara Acoustics

The HL1 concept.

Aspara Acoustics is a UK specialist company which draws on over 100 years of horn speaker history to create technologically advanced horn speakers for the most discerning listener. We are convinced that absolute sound reproduction is a possibility and we design and build a unique range of horn speakers that we believe come closer to achieving that goal than other speakers. Our technology takes its inspiration from nature, and our designs encourage a very natural sound.

With over 40 years proven expertise our design engineering team is confident you will be overwhelmed these unique loudspeakers. Make some time, bring your favourite music and come and listen to them; we know you’ll enjoy them.

Brian Taylor & Julius Hyde
Aspara Acoustics

The HLR Concept

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