Monday, January 31, 2011

Mid Century Modern Wall Horn

This was posted on Audio Asylum recently. I would love to own a mid century modern home but especially if it had a large horn built into the wall. Too dam cool.

You can see the HF horns would be at the top and the LF horn empties into the room on the bottom.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daves Fastlane Audio Hobby Site

Daves site is the perfect place for those looking for tractrix horns for their DIY projects. Dave specializes in upgrades to heritage Klipsch but they can be used with many other DIY projects. I find Dave's site is different from most of the others as he provides lots of test data. There is allot of respect for the designs of Paul Klipsch but many want to try PWK's vintage designs with modern components. Klipsch pays respect to the Heritage line by leaving it mostly as it was at PWK's passing. The 2006 revamp was likely the best in Heritage history. However Dave's site is for those that want to hear what Heritage and DIY could be.

The Elliptrac 400 is very interesting. It can also be ordered in kit form. I may have to try this one if I can get it with 1.4 inch throat.

I like the different horns for Belle and La Scala.

I was skeptical about the biradial tweeters until I actually heard them. Amazing coverage.

I may have to be on the look out for some beater or parted vintage LF horns.

Check out Daves Fastlane Audio Hobby Site

Friday, January 28, 2011

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

I like girls who are packing their own TT.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Univeristy 6201 Duplex

I'm still looking for some affordable duplex speakers for my refugee Shorthorns. Basically I want to keep them vintage and make them functional. These three cabinets aren't meant to be the last word in fidelity but rather a rescue project. Anyone have spare 6201's?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid Century Modern Hi-Fi Console

Awesome Mid Century Modern Hi-Fi console. The house is amazing as well.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jensen G610 Triplex

I was given a stash of Klipsch 1950's cabinets. This has led me to research duplex and triplex speakers. The recommended speakers to me were the Jensen G610 and Altec 604. These are a little more high dollar than I wanted to go but are certainly great choices. Check out the G610.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

Mmm skirts.

Technics SB-E100 SB-E500 SB-E1000 Speakers

I didn't know there were Technics speakers I would want to hear nevermind own. Check these out. If you have any documentation on these please contact me.



SB-E500 Cut away.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stewart Hegeman interviewed by Norman Eisenburg 1961

Thanks for sending me this interview and insight into the Citation.

Tannoy Gold 1968 Ad

Monday, January 17, 2011

1935 Arkansas Street Musicians

I'd love to hear these guys playing on the street. Oh well another stop for the time machine when I get one.

Klipsch TCSM

Klipschorns with corners attached too cool.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

Neo retro but too cute not to post.

Calypso Blues

Taylor Berkley Peanuts probably wrote the song but haven't found proof yet so it could be anyone. This is one of my favorite Calypso songs and I'm happy to find lots of people covered it. Nat King Cole and Peanuts toured together and were friends which is how Nat came to cover the song. Peanuts version is better but this is closer to the original than anyone others I can find on youtube.

This is really interesting especially if you watch the entire clip. Youn Sun Nah's version of Calypso Blues. She lays down all the tracks with her voice using a loop machine. Fascinating and amazing. The disabled embed links so click here.

Calypso Blues

Sittin' by de ocean
Me heart, she feel so sad
Sittin' by de ocean
Me heart, she feel so sad
Don't got de money
To take me back to Trinidad

Fine calypso woman
She cook me shrimps and rice
Fine calypso woman
She cook me shrimps and rice
But dese yankee hot dogs
Don't treat me stomach very nice

In Trinidad, one dollar buy
Papaya juice
Banana pie
Six coconuts
One female goat
An' plenty fish
To rock de boat

One bushel bread
One barrel o' wine
An' all de town
She come to dine
But here is bad
One dollar buy
Cup of coffee
Ham on rye

Me throat she sick from necktie
Me feet hurt from shoes
Me pocket full of empty
I got Calypso blues

Here we go
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
La la la la la la

Dese yankee girls
Give me big scare
Is black de root
Is blonde de hair
Her eyelash false
Her face is paint
And what you see
Is what she ain't

She tries to jam
When she should waltz
I even think
Her teeth is false
But calypso girl is good a lot
Is what you see
Is what she got

Sittin' by de ocean
Me heart, she feel so sad
Don't got de money
To take me back to Trinidad

Aspara Acoustics

Can't say I'm ever impressed with tall skinny speakers but fortunately they have some fatties for me. Check out these speakers from the UK by Aspara Acoustics

The HL1 concept.

Aspara Acoustics is a UK specialist company which draws on over 100 years of horn speaker history to create technologically advanced horn speakers for the most discerning listener. We are convinced that absolute sound reproduction is a possibility and we design and build a unique range of horn speakers that we believe come closer to achieving that goal than other speakers. Our technology takes its inspiration from nature, and our designs encourage a very natural sound.

With over 40 years proven expertise our design engineering team is confident you will be overwhelmed these unique loudspeakers. Make some time, bring your favourite music and come and listen to them; we know you’ll enjoy them.

Brian Taylor & Julius Hyde
Aspara Acoustics

The HLR Concept

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Found this brochure for these cute little speakers.