Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Spins

Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus


  1. Hell yeah! This is one of my favorite albums of his. The performance of II BS on here is one of my all-time, desert island song. I must have between 20 and 30 of his albums on vinyl alone. I was just listening to The Black Saint and Sinner Lady about a week ago, and that is a work of genius. By the way, that is a sweet looking setup you have there--would you mind expanding a bit on it? Also, can't see your speakers and am very curious as to what you are using...

  2. Thanks!

    I am no Jazz expert but this is really good. I bought this and a handful of impulse jazz records for $1 each in the Ozarks.

    The turntable I bought with a console which included a Scott 299 and a pair of aristocrats. I paid under $100. Had trouble keeping a straight face and getting it onto the truck fast enough. I spent considerable time rewiring and lubing the table. It works great and is silent. The tonearm is the great bang for the buck Jelco 12" SA750L with a Ortofon 2M blue cart. This is not high end but performs amazingly well. I'll try a Denon DL110 soon. The tube preamp is a George Wright AGPhono which was one of the last he built before passing. I'm a huge George Wright fan.

    I'll post about the speakers when I get them finished but they are prototypes of sorts. They are Paul Klipsch final design the Klipschorn Jubilee. They are dual 12" woofers in a large folded bass horn. I'm using this from 30hz-600hz. The HF horn is an ultra rare K403 which never saw production. It is a prototype but is very nice with a B&C DE82TN driver. This performs well from 600hz to about 20khz. This is a two way system so fairly simple. The only thing I am missing is PWK's crossover design but I am using a 120db extreme slope and an analog eq until I get the crossover. I'm planning a big Jubilee post but it is taking a little longer than normal.

    thanks again

  3. Iain, you've got to get that Wright phonostage away from that garrard motor. But beautiful Garrard rig, very much
    after my own heart.

  4. Thanks.

    Yeah I know it needs to move :( But that is the temporary home until I get my new plinth and system rack. This should be soon. I am psyched! The Wright is surprisingly quiet without tube shields and located where it is.

    The AG Phono is soooooooooooooo gooooooooood.

    I think we have actually corresponded on the asylum about George Wright.