Thursday, December 16, 2010

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

Ah Mamie Van Doren

I'm heading out of town first thing in the morning for some Austin record shopping so here is HiFi Girl a little early. I get emails if I miss a Friday.


  1. You really shouldn't treat records that way.

  2. Great blog, interesting contents. Happy I have found it. Keep blogging.


  3. How was the Austin LP harvest? I'll be home there next week, where's the good picking these days???

    Oh, Mamie was the first woman I saw Playboy, 1964! Crap she was hot! I won't mention what evil habit she initiated for me...hairy palms, anyone!!!

  4. Harvest was good except my credit card was stolen so my shopping was cut short.

    Have you seen Mamie in the movie Two Nuts In Search Of A Bolt? It is awesome.

  5. I had a comparable 1950s record player with built in tube amplifier and speaker. Great sound, particularly with 78s! Missed Mamie somehow. Was she sold separately or as an add-on?

  6. I'm guessing it's a 2-tube model? (Referring to the record player!) Usually a 50L6 beam pentode and a 35Z5 half-wave rectifier.