Thursday, December 16, 2010

Early Audiophile

Mr. Kei Ikeda has been an enthusiast audiophile since 1919 and his auditorium is a museum devoted to audio.

Look at the two giants horns WE 15 A used in the high bass and low medium range in the main 4 ways system!

The low bass is reproduced by the big woofer you see behind the left shoulder of Mr. Ikeda , another room close to the auditorium is used as a rear load for the woofer . This woofer, IK38 inspired from a RCA duocone loudspeaker, was designed by Kei Ikeda for JVC.

You'll also notice the famous WE 59 A (or WE 540) loudspeaker known as "chinese hat" intended to works with the first Western Electric amplifier, the WE 25A.
Compare the huge mouth of the WE 15A to the smaller WE 6368, half visible behind books and a desk lamp up to the chair in the left part of the view.
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  1. Right in his Kitchen too. Wow! A true audio lover!

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